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Bashams Blue Blood Bassets

Basset Hound puppies for sale in Kentucky
DeDe and Bear mated 6/12/2019

Pete as been adopted.

 Sure, will miss the little guy.

ten weeks old today

Last available pup

one of the boys

The second video this morning

Seven weeks old

The whole gang playing in the box.

Just a little more

also from this morning


After the video's the pups got to play 

Six weeks old

Just some of the pups

more 6 wks old pups

it's a little hectic 

more about the pups

they sure grow fast.

almost 5 weeks old

First time outside 9/16/2019

Five boys & one girl born AUG. 15th, 2019

 Four days old and doing great, wish we had more females, but they are healthy so I not going to complain. Will post pictures Tuesday the 20th.

Price List as of 8/10/2018